Digital photography classes and 1:1 training

You invested in a nice digital camera, but now what? We understand how intimidating your new digital camera can be – that’s why we created digital photography classes and private 1:1 training designed for the beginner to intermediate shutterbug wanting to take advantage of everything their DSLR camera has to offer. Our small class sizes are dynamic and social, providing you with the human interaction that no book or online video can offer.

Beginner Digital Photography

Much more than an introduction to photography, the Beginner Digital Photography Training class guides you through the functions of your digital SLR camera without the intimidating jargon, and gives you the core concepts you need to start exploring what your camera can do.

Lifestyle Family Photography

Beautiful family photos are beautiful for a reason, and knowing how to move beyond the mere snapshot to more beautiful, story-telling images, is what this Family and Portrait Photography training class is all about. If you have ever looked at an old family album and wished the photos were better and more plentiful, you can appreciate why this class is for you.

Landscape Photography

From cityscapes to seascapes, and everything in between, our Landscape and Outdoor Photography training class will teach you professional techniques that ensure your best chance at capturing the kind of landscape images you have always wanted. If the art of landscape photography is a passion of yours, this class was created for just for you.

Personal Digital Photography Instruction

The Private 1:1 Digital Photography Training brings your instruction experience to the most personal level. Our personalized training sessions give you the instructor’s full attention and allow you to learn at a pace that is fully yours.

“I wouldn’t call myself a complete beginner; I have had film photography classes before, but never learned how to use my dSLR. I was a little worried the class would all be super basic. During our first class, I did find that the other participants had a range of experience levels, but Braddley did a wonderful job at addressing all the questions, but not spending so much time on the very basics as to bore us to death, or that we didn’t learn anything new.

“With our cameras in front of us, we were able to experience what we were learning hands on, asking (sometimes brand specific) questions which Braddley was quickly able to answer. The small class had a casual atmosphere, where we weren’t intimidated to ask questions. The field trip really helped bring everything together. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this class to any of my friends or family!”

Emily B.Beginner Photography Class

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