Not your average beginner photography class

Be ready to capture those precious, fun, and unforgettable moments

Today’s digital cameras offer the photographer a variety of functions and features that can lead to stunning photographs, however their options, modes, and settings can also prove baffling to the beginner. Naturally, understanding how to use your camera is the first step in taking better photos.

Much more than an introduction to your DSLR, our Beginner Digital Photography Class will teach you the essential fundamentals and beyond of photography and digital camera operation so that you can be ready to capture the images that matter most to you.

Together we will explore camera functionality such as setting proper exposure, using various shooting modes, freezing and blurring motion, and adding creativity to your photos by controlling depth of field. You’ll also benefit from many professional tips and tricks provided throughout the class that can make learning photography even more fun!

What you can expect to learn:

  • Which exposure mode to use and why
  • Understand light metering modes
  • How to shoot in full manual mode
  • What priority and scene modes are for
  • ISO, shutter speed, and aperture selection
  • How to get creative with depth of field
  • Understand which lens to use and why
  • How to work with natural/tricky lighting
  • Professional composition techniques
  • Understand autofocus and drive modes
  • How to use exposure compensation
  • Understand RAW and JPEG file formats
  • Print properly using aspect ratios
  • Best software for editing your photos
  • Preserving photos with data backup
  • Plus a lot, LOT more!

Small class sizes… BIG fun

Our small class sizes use a group dynamic to work through stumbling blocks, build your skill levels, and support your development. For the novice through amateur level, hobbyist, or recreational mamarazzi, this course dumps the intimidating jargon and gives you the core concepts you need to see what your camera can really do.

Regardless of your current technical ability, you will learn how to capture those precious, fun, and unforgettable moments in ways you never thought you could. So remember, the first step in taking better pictures begins with knowing how to use your camera – register today and start having FUN with your photography! It’s your life… CAPTURE IT!

4 Weeks of In-Class Training with a Group Outing

The Beginner Digital Photography Class is a fun and informative 4-week training course coupled with a scheduled instructor-led outing that allows you to put your newly learned skills to practice.

Classes are held at our modern training center in Dublin, Ohio where you will find plenty of free parking and a safe environment to explore your new passion.

Class workbook and weekly assignments

Because we want you to succeed, you will receive a complete copy of the class material for all 4 weekly classes (full-color PDF format), so there’s no need to remember or write everything down! In addition, you will be given weekly assignments to help you practice and master the material that was covered in class.

Now, isn’t it time you finally learned how to use your camera?