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The Expressive Camera Series by Shutterbug Training

The Expressive Camera Series
by Shutterbug Training


A Complete Beginner’s Course on How to Use a Camera

A Complete Beginner’s Course
on How to Use a Camera

Bring the study home with On LEARNING PHOTOGRAPHY, Volume 2, from the Expressive Camera Series. Distilled from over a decade of hands-on instruction at Shutterbug Training, this book is more than just another photography manual—it’s your passport to mastering the method of using a digital camera.

This comprehensive guide is the source and companion to the ever-popular Beginner Photography ONE. From the get-go, it provides crystal-clear explanations of complex topics, paired with impactful assignments and a gallery of over 160 vivid color and monochrome photographs. Every page, every lesson conveys an unwavering commitment to transforming beginners into skilled photographers, whatever their creative vision.

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The Expressive Camera Series

Introducing The Expressive Camera Series, a growing collection of educational and inspiring photography books written by Braddley Addams. Although only three volumes are shown, more are on the way that address topics such as landscape and nature photography and expressive and creative camerawork. Each subsequent release promises a blend of foundational principles, advanced techniques, and the artful philosophy of photography, ensuring a comprehensive and illuminating learning experience.

Interestingly, the series takes an unconventional route in its release sequence. Despite being labeled as Volume 2, On LEARNING PHOTOGRAPHY is the first of the series to make an appearance. Volume 1: On PHOTOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS and Volume 3: On MAKING PHOTOGRAPHS are expected in early 2024.

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