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“If you are looking for a class to learn the full potential of your camera, look no further! The beginner photography class introduces you to digital photography from the basics of composition to the importance of the exposure triangle. Each week Braddley takes a subject that could be complicated and presents the material in a way that everyone understands. He is an excellent teacher with a great deal of knowledge and encourages questions.

“The best part of the class is the field trip to Franklin Park Conservatory with Braddley. At the class outing, I had an “Aha moment” when everything clicked… I went from learning how to turn on my camera before the first week of class to taking images I was proud of after the outing.”

Rebecca L.

“I don’t often do this, but after taking the Beginner class through Shutterbug, I really wanted to share just how much I enjoyed the training. I had already taken a 2 hour class at a local camera store, which was ok, but they really only showed me the very basic camera functions. But in the Shutterbug class, I learned not only how to use those functions properly, I also learned a lot about the principles of photography and what goes into taking great pictures.

“Since I had already taken the other 2 hour class, I thought I might be a little bored at times, but that isn’t how it turned out to be at all. This was an informative 4 week class with a trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory. The material was interesting without being over my head, and the instructor was patient and engaging – you could tell he really knew his stuff and likes what he does. Overall, I was very impressed and would highly recommend it.”

Christinea R.

“I wouldn’t call myself a complete beginner; I have had film photography classes before, but never learned how to use my dSLR. I was a little worried the class would all be super basic. During our first class, I did find that the other participants had a range of experience levels, but Braddley did a wonderful job at addressing all the questions, but not spending so much time on the very basics as to bore us to death, or that we didn’t learn anything new.

“With our cameras in front of us, we were able to experience what we were learning hands on, asking (sometimes brand specific) questions which Braddley was quickly able to answer. The small class had a casual atmosphere, where we weren’t intimidated to ask questions. The field trip really helped bring everything together. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this class to any of my friends or family!”

Emily B.

“I’m a visual learner, which is why I loved the Beginner Photography class. I’ve had my camera for years, but in just a few weeks, I knew it better than I ever had. Manuals and online reading can only do so much for me. It took the hands-on learning to really show me the real potential of my camera.

“Taking a beginners photography class is kind of like learning a new language… the language of cameras. Now things like exposure, ISO, aperture, and shutter speed actually mean something to me, and I get to use them to make my pictures brighter and sharper than they ever were.”

Anne N.

“I found the Beginner Photography Class offered by Shutterbug Photography Training to be a great class in that it was a practical yet creative course enabling me to take my new Digital SLR from Auto to Manual with confidence. The course was taught at a very understandable level with concepts I could take with me and use right away. The class was also a lot of fun and really got me excited about photography. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to get more out of their pictures and their camera.”

Patti B.

“What a great experience to be able to take a photography class and learn all the tricks and techniques to take better quality pictures, but to take a class with someone that truly has a passion for photography made the class even more worth-while and an enjoyable experience. Braddley was very down to earth and kept reminding me that everything would make sense in the end, and it really does. He takes his time to make sure you really understand what he is teaching. He has even emailed me afterwards to see if I had any questions and recommend some equipment that he thought would complement my camera. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Shutterbug Photography Training!”

Amy T.

This class was a terrific introduction to the use of SLR cameras and photography in general. Braddley wonderfully balances the technical aspects of the camera with the composition of photographs so that everyone can understand all the parts that go into taking a great picture. The outing to the Franklin Park Conservatory really helps bring everything together to put the concepts learned in the classroom to use. I’d highly recommend Braddley’s course to anyone looking to truly understand how their camera works!”

Evan W.

I recently attended the photography classes with Shutterbug Photography and was surprised at how great they were. The materials that we were provided with, the 1-on-1 attention, and most importantly, the passion with which the information was given was so much more than I expected. I learned more in 6 hours than I have in 6 years. I would recommend this class to any beginning photographer.”

Julie K.

“My experience in the Beginner class was very positive. I had been using my DSLR basically the same as any point and shoot camera. Breaking up the lessons helped to not overwhelm me as a beginner. In our class, there were a few people that knew a little more than I did (not hard at that point), but Braddley was able to keep everyone engaged and learning. Now I am buying a new camera, which he kindly helped me through the shopping process. I plan to go back and audit a couple of weeks of the beginner class to refresh and help me get acquainted with my new camera. I am very much looking forward to taking one of the new classes he is offering next year. Thanks Braddley!”

Kathy K.

“I started the class with very little knowledge about my DSLR camera after having it for a couple years. This class will teach you about all the settings on your camera and how to use them in addition to general photography best practices. The pace of each class was neither slow or overwhelming. This class exceeded my expectations and I look forward to future classes offered by Shutterbug.”

D Jay

“My 1:1 session was exactly what I needed – an instructional session on photography basics and how to use my camera. After just one session I saw immediate improvements in my photos. I can’t wait to keep improving. Braddley was great, too! He came out to my house and was friendly and knowledgeable.”

Lindsey H.

“This class is great for anyone new to the world of photography with a DSLR camera. I read through the camera manual once when I bought my camera, but of course I had no idea what aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc. was! This was a great class to take to show all the basics!  The classroom size was great also. Braddley was able to go around and show everyone what they were doing right or could improve on and where everything was on their specific cameras. Braddley was right, though – it’s all about practice after leaving the class. I’ve since practiced and have taken some photos that I thought turned out great! I still have to get used to thinking like a photographer in terms of knowing what ISO, aperture, shutter speed to use and this class has helped me take those baby steps. Very much worth the money spent!”

Jennifer J.

“Thanks so much for a wonderful one on one lesson today… it was so nice to get a refresher on the basics and then to learn more about the settings I didn’t know how to use! Why didn’t I call you years ago? Thank you!”

Bonnie M.

“I contacted Braddley at Shutterbug Photography Training several months ago to help me take better photographs at my son’s basketball games. I wanted 1:1 training to help me specifically with my camera which I was still learning to use. I also wanted to buy a new faster lens to take better pictures on the basketball court, and Braddley assisted me with purchasing a used 70-200mm lens prior to our first meeting. So far I have had two 1:1 sessions with Braddley learning to use my specific camera along with my new lens. He has been prepared for each of our sessions, and each time prior to our session he has asked me specifically what I have wanted to work on during our time together. He has been genuinely patient and extremely helpful.

“As a novice, I highly recommend Shutterbug Photography Training. In just two private sessions I have been pleased with the shots I am taking and I am more confident and comfortable with my camera and new lens. I highly recommend them to anyone just starting out or wanting to improve upon their current level of ability.”

Kim B.

“I had a one-on-one training session with Braddley and he was inspiring, patient, and understanding with me. (I was a completely new beginner, just starting to learn my camera functions.)  Braddley took his time with me, encouraged me, told me what to target in my learning at this step, and then showed me some tricks to get me enticed to take it to the next level. I will definitely be attending more classes as I advance to higher skill levels!”

Christine B.

“Thanks for meeting me on such a late notice! I learned a lot about my camera and a lot about the basics of photography! Once I get home tonight I plan on practicing with it! Thanks again!!!”

Jill L.

“Thanks so much for a great 1-on-1 lesson yesterday! I learned so much about my camera, and can see a huge difference in my photographs already, just from going home and playing with some of the settings that you explained. I’m so excited to go to Maine in a few weeks now that I know how to get those great shots of the fall colors and the water!”

Janelle G.

“I just wanted to send a thanks your way for helping me get a grasp of the basics of photography. I really enjoyed learning all the technical aspects of the camera and how to properly use them in any situation. It was fun to learn from someone who is clearly very passionate about photography, but also enjoys teaching others in an enjoyable and accessible way. I now find myself evaluating my lighting situation wherever I go!”

Brian S.

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my private session with you. I have been using my camera more and applying the things we talked about it. Thanks for all of the instruction.”

Jenny J.

“This class has been very educational. I learned something new every night and am so excited to see the results! Everything from how to properly store your photos, to what every button and feature is on your camera is covered. It’s all broken down to easily understandable segments. I recommend this class to everyone I meet and to anyone who is looking to improve on taking better photos. I have seen a great improvement in the quality of my work. You will not be disappointed.”

Riann Q.

“I am a retired teacher/storyteller who has a love of children’s books. So it was logical that I would take my love and passion of books to begin a new career as an author of children’s books. Beautiful photographs can help enhance the storyline and promote the love of books. So I did some research and decided on a compact Sony Alpha Nex 5R digital camera to begin my new career. Upon receiving the camera I came to the conclusion that I needed training in order to use the camera to its fullest capabilities.

“So I went to the Internet and found Shutterbug Photography Training, a beginner oriented school that offers reasonably priced group and individual weekly classes. I called and talked with Braddley and immediately signed up for the group class on digital photography. The course was fabulous! I looked forward to the weekly well planned lessons with handouts and homework for the next week’s class! We even did an outside shoot! The site where the class is taken is very modern, clean, and safe. I learned a lot! In addition, his beautiful photographs will amaze and inspire you! So I now have a solid knowledge base and expanded ‘novice’ camera competency to begin my new career. Take the course you’ll love it!”

Linda P.

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