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Capture more exciting photos with any camera

Capture more exciting
photos with any camera
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You Can Learn Photography

Everyone has a reason for picking up a camera. Although the reasons vary, all share a common goal: they want their images to “look awesome.” Regardless of the photos you want to make, you must be capable in a couple of areas before impressive photos begin to show up consistently: ONE, knowing how to use a camera, and TWO, understanding how to put pictures together.

Answering the call, the Beginner Photography Series is a modular course that seamlessly blends the technical and expressive aspects of using a camera. Whether new, stuck on AUTO, or ready to grow creatively, the Beginner Series offers a lot to enthusiasts and budding pros.

Welcome to Shutterbug

Beginner ONE is foundational and is ideal if you are starting or stuck on Auto. Designed to get you confidently shooting in Manual, this class teaches you how to take control of your camera and use it for more intentional photographs.



Beginner MATE is a quick start to becoming familiar with your camera’s menu and essential photography-related accessories. It’s the perfect add-on to the series flagship course, Beginner Photography ONE, and can easily be taken simultaneously.

Beginner TWO focuses on the expressive side of using a camera, supplying a practical and creative approach to better picture design and image editing. This class is also great for smartphone photography because composition works with any camera.


Four a Good Time

Photography is FUN when you know what you’re doing; learning it should be, too.

Beginner Photography ONE and TWO offer a fresh approach to understanding camera operation and picture composition. Each course consists of 4 weekly in-person sessions with home practice exercises that slowly introduce and reinforce the topics discussed.

No lectures here. Each course is limited to only ten seats to encourage interaction between students and the instructor. Small class sizes also allow for clarification of the material and address any questions you may have at that time.

A college degree in photography isn’t necessary to get great images, but you need more than a few-hour introduction or crash course for real results. Plus, you will have plenty of access to the instructor to ask questions and gain valuable feedback on your progress.

The Expressive Camera Series

Introducing The Expressive Camera Series, a growing collection of educational and inspiring photography books written by Braddley Addams. Interestingly, the series takes an unconventional route in its release sequence. Despite being labeled as Volume 2, On LEARNING PHOTOGRAPHY is the first of the series to make an appearance. Volume 1: On PHOTOGRAPHY ESSENTIALS and Volume 3: On MAKING PHOTOGRAPHS are expected in 2024.

The Expressive Camera Series by Braddley Addams

100% Until it Clicks Promise

100% Until it
Clicks Promise

Learning photography can be challenging — if you would like to take the class again for any reason, feel free to come back as often as you wish — at no cost!