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Although essential, knowing how to use a camera is only part of the picture. Successful images also rely on concepts, opinions, and ideas — YOURS. The impulse you receive to photograph anything is a call to your imagination. Everyone feels this emotional tug, yet, depicting that experience in a photo is elusive to many.

Building on the fundamentals in Beginner ONE, Beginner TWO explores the creative yet practical side of using a camera for expression. From glimpsing the initial inspiration to the final post-edit, learn how to see more photographically and make images that faithfully portray the pictures of your mind’s eye.


Session Overview

Beginner Photography TWO simplifies the complex topic of image composition and provides a usable approach to making better pictures with any camera. You’ll learn that it isn’t what you see but how you see it that matters.


Learning to See


WHAT to Compose


HOW to Compose


Photo Editing


Session 1

A photo often looks different than you “pictured it” because a camera captures only what it sees and not what you experience. Reality doesn’t compare to your imagination. Bridging the divide, VISION opens your photographic eye, acquainting you with how to interpret and express your impression of a scene visually rather than merely acquiring a photocopy of it.

Visual elements are the graphic building blocks of picture composition — they are WHAT you compose or arrange within the frame to attain your impression of a scene. ELEMENT focuses on learning to recognize these graphical and expressive visual qualities in subject matter and using them to create images infused with a more characteristic emotive style.


Session 2


Session 3

Great photos don’t just happen; you make them — HOW you arrange visual elements within the frame tells the “story” of your images. From family to landscape to street photography and beyond, DESIGN simplifies the approach to pictorial composition. Discover the principles of picture building and how to use them for more compelling photographs.

Capturing photos that match your impressions solely with a camera isn’t always possible. VOICE brings clarity to VISION via image editing with Adobe Lightroom. Learn how to “finish a picture” using simple adjustments available on nearly any photo app. Every photograph can be improved upon after the snap; the challenge is knowing what to do and why.

• Adobe Lightroom is not required.


Session 4


Awesome Material

No need to remember or write everything down; you get a spiffy PDF of the class material loaded with inspiring example images and suggested practice exercises to continue your learning at home. There’s also a beautiful full-color hardbound book option coming soon if you’re more tactile.

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Common Q's

The sooner, the better. Really.


Using a camera and picture composition go hand-in-hand; like two sides of the same coin, you can't have one without the other. Learning to compose is a forever practice that improves with time, and the sooner you begin, the quicker you grow.

Although this course is a continuation of Beginner ONE, any camera is suitable, even smartphones. Picture composition is universal and doesn't require special equipment or gear.

Life happens. If you cannot make all four sessions, you can jump in on another class that week and receive the same material. Classes are monthly; make it up anytime.

Learning photography and complicated cameras can be challenging; I am available to you before and after and between sessions if you need help. You may also retake the class, whether part or whole, anytime at no cost.

Most photo editing apps do the same thing — creativity doesn't reside in an app but in the idea behind the picture. Beginner Photography TWO uses the cloud-based Adobe Lightroom for in-class demonstration, a user-friendly powerhouse ideal for enthusiasts and pros alike. But, you can use nearly any editing app to achieve similar results.

Classes are held at Haven Collective, 2025 Riverside Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43221. There's plenty of free, close, and well-lit parking. Personal sessions can take place anywhere.

Although rare, class cancellations can occur. You may switch to another class, opt for a Personal Session, or receive a full refund. Single-session cancellations for inclement weather or personal reasons will receive a make-up session.

I sincerely believe you will learn A LOT and thoroughly enjoy your experience. The information and instruction are sound and tested; unless under exceptional circumstances or a class is canceled, refunds are not available.

100% Until it Clicks Promise
100% Until it
Clicks Promise

Learning photography can be challenging — if you would like to take the class again for any reason, feel free to come back as often as you wish — at no cost!