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Ego-free photography classes that inspire

Ego-free photography
classes that inspire

In-Person Photography Instruction

If you have an interest, or maybe passion, in photography and want to learn how to use a camera more creatively, then you’re in the right place. Resources to learn photography abound. More than a derivative of basic information found online or in classes offered “on the side,” the Beginner Photography Series goes deeper and provides a practical and usable cornerstone for anyone interested in photography.

Organized into three distinct courses, the Beginner Series has something for everyone.

Beginner Photography ONE establishes the proper technical footing for your photography and teaches you how to use a camera to capture great pictures. Leave Auto mode behind with a class that has helped thousands of students learn to take control of their cameras. Read student reviews.

Those who want the most from their digital photography will love Beginner Photography MATE. It’s a comprehensive and user-friendly shortcut to becoming familiar with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera and essential accessories—an excellent add-on to Beginner ONE, the series flagship course.

Beginner Photography TWO is about picture design and composition, teaching you how to see more photographically and get the picture in your mind’s eye to show up on the LCD. There’s much more to making great images than adjusting camera settings and pressing the shutter button.

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100% Until it
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Learning photography can be challenging — if you would like to take the class again for any reason, feel free to come back as often as you wish — at no cost!