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Photography is incredibly rewarding, but you’ll never have much fun unless you know what you’re doing with a camera. Take heart; you aren’t the only one baffled by these complex devices. With the proper instruction and spirited supporting guidance, anyone who desires can learn how to use a camera.

Simple and jargon-free, Beginner ONE supplies the essential foundation for any pursuit in photography. Blending open discussion, scores of sample images, and plenty of hands-on practice, you’ll soon gain the confidence and ability to say goodbye to the vexing guesswork of AUTO mode.

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Session Overview

Beginner Photography ONE goes beyond the basics of camera operation. It is designed to get you away from Auto and confidently shooting in Manual. The first step to better photos is knowing how to use your camera.

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Beginner Photography ONE goes beyond the basics of camera operation. It is designed to get you away from Auto and confidently shooting in Manual. The first step to better photos is knowing how to use your camera.

Bundle with Beginner BASICS or Beginner TWO and save!
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Auto and Manual


Light Elements


Manual+Priority Modes


Creative Exposure


Session 1

Following the location of basic camera settings, your quest for better photos begins with exploring Auto and Manual FOCUS. Unlike other aspects of a picture, a missed focus is forever and can’t be fixed. Discover the various AF modes and how to get sharp images for any subject, including landscapes and nature, people and portraits, and sports.

Every photo involves three light-based elements: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. EXPOSE reveals how each feature relates to light and contributes to the appearance of your image. Learn to capture a summersault in midair, render a silky smooth waterfall, and envelop subjects with beautifully blurred backgrounds or bokeh.


Session 2


Session 3

Bringing shape to your ideas, CONTROL teaches you how to work with the light elements of exposure using Manual, Aperture Priority, and Shutter Priority. Each mode can produce the same picture; the one you use is more of a preference. There will be plenty of patient coaching and hands-on practice to ensure you understand how to use them.

The great thing about creativity is that it is personal and expressed differently by everyone. No two people experience the same scene in the same way, but cameras do. EXPRESS reveals how the camera responds to light and allows you to make more creative exposure decisions with your photos in nearly any lighting condition.


Session 4


Awesome Material

No need to remember or write everything down; you get a spiffy FREE PDF of the On LEARNING PHOTOGRAPHY book that is the source and companion to Beginner ONE. Hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions are available on Amazon.

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Common Q's

Absolutely not—even if you've never touched a camera. Granted, you will have a slightly steeper hill to climb than someone already familiar with a camera, but that won't compromise learning the material. The course PDF contains detailed information and scores of example images to help you study and practice long after class.


See Beginner Photography BASICS for guidance on learning the features and menu settings of your camera.

Any camera that allows you to adjust the exposure manually is fitting for Beginner Photography ONE. Interchangeable lens cameras are shoo-ins, but you can use a bridge camera with a fixed lens. Call or text (614) 427-1671 if you are unsure whether your camera is suitable.

Learning photography and complicated cameras can be challenging; I am available to you before and after and between sessions if you need help. You may also retake the class, whether part or whole, anytime at no cost.

Life happens. If you cannot make all four sessions, you can jump in on another class that week and receive the same material. Classes are monthly; make it up anytime.

All ages are welcome to attend, but the majority of our students are adults. Although we have had students as young as 12 years old participate without issue, it all comes down to your child's ability to follow along. You can opt for a Personal Session if the class is too challenging.


Note: Minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Classes are held at Haven Collective, 2025 Riverside Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43221. There's plenty of free, close, and well-lit parking. Personal sessions can take place anywhere.

Although rare, class cancellations can occur. You may switch to another class, opt for a Personal Session, or receive a full refund. Single-session cancellations for inclement weather or personal reasons will receive a make-up session.

I sincerely believe you will learn A LOT and thoroughly enjoy your experience. The information and instruction are sound and tested; unless under exceptional circumstances or a class is canceled, refunds are not available.

100% Until it Clicks Promise
100% Until it
Clicks Promise

Learning photography can be challenging — if you would like to take the class again for any reason, feel free to come back as often as you wish — at no cost!